Java Web Start Setup

Java Web Start Install/Setup

If your computer does not launch any of workbench applications, like Viral Orthologous Clusters (VOCs), BaseByBase (BBB), Viral Genome Organizer (VGO), JDotter, etc., you probably need to install Java Web Start (it’s freely available). Java Web Start has been included in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) since Java Standard Edition 6. The following instructions will guide you step by step through the Java setup procedure for the latest version of JRE 7:

  1. Go to Java Web Start Page
  2. Under Java SE Desktop Technologies, Where Do You Get Java Webstart? click Download Now.
  3. Scroll down to Java SE 7u51. Click JRE 7 Download.
  4. Accept the licensing agreement.
  5. Scroll down and choose which platform your operating system runs on
    • Example: If using the latest edition of Windows XP on your PC, click on Windows Offline Installation, Multi Language
  6. Save the binary file to your desktop when prompted
  7. After saving to the desktop, find the appropriate binary file on your desktop and double click to open the file.
  8. Follow the instructions for installation

If you still encounter problems running the workbench applications see Java Web Start Tips

Questions about the Java Web Start warning dialog? See Warning Dialog


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