In vitro thermotherapy-based methods for plant virus eradication Min-Rui Wang†, Zhen-Hua Cui†, Jing-Wei Li, Xin-Yi Hao, Lei ZhaoEmail author and Qiao-Chun WangEmail authorView ORCID ID profile †Contributed equally Plant Methods201814:87 © The Author(s) 2018 Received: 10 September 2018Accepted: 3 October 2018Published: 6 October 2018 Abstract Production of virus-free plants is necessary to control viral diseases, import novel cultivars from other countries, exchange breeding materials between countries or regions and preserve plant germplasm. In vitro techniques represent the most successful approaches for virus eradication. In vitro thermotherapy-based methods, including combining thermotherapy with shoot tip culture, chemotherapy, micrografting or shoot tip cryotherapy, have been successfully established for efficient eradication of various viruses from almost all of the most economically important crops. The present study reviewed recent advances in in vitro thermotherapy-based methods for virus eradication since the twenty-first century. Mechanisms as to why thermotherapy-based methods could efficiently eradicate viruses were discussed. Finally, future prospects were proposed to direct further studies.See it on, via Viruses, Immunology & Bioinformatics from
In vitro thermotherapy-based methods for plant virus eradication | Plant Methods | Full Text
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