Abstract Poxviruses encode a set of secreted proteins that bind cytokines and chemokines as a strategy to modulate host defense mechanisms. These viral proteins mimic the activity of host cytokine decoy receptors but have unique properties that may enhance their activity. Here, we describe the ability of poxvirus cytokine receptors to attach to the cell surface after secretion from infected cells, and we discuss the advantages that this property may confer to these viral immunomodulatory proteins. Keywords Poxvirus, Immune evasion, cytokine receptor, interferon, chemokine, glycosaminoglycanSee it on Scoop.it, via Viruses, Immunology & Bioinformatics from Virology.uvic.ca
New insights into the immunomodulatory properties of poxvirus cytokine decoy receptors at the cell surface – F1000Research
Source: Viral Bioinformatics

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