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Welcome to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Notes From Co-op Students: Contains information and details for certain procedures not necessarily applicable to other SOPs that past co-op students left for their successors.

Administrator SOPs: These SOPs describe administration tasks.

Website SOPs: These SOPs act as a guide for anything relating to the website such as managing users, updating wordpress plugins/themes, etc.

Developer SOPs: These SOPs describe developer related processes, such as tutorials for using IntelliJ, Git and so forth. See also the administrator SOPs.

Methods SOPs: These SOPs contain analysis procedures and methods of analysis.

Curation SOPs: These SOPs act as a guide for how to manage, add to, and update the VOCs databases.

Cloud Server SOPs: These SOPs describe cloud server processes, such as tutorials for updating DB data/restarting MYSQL server on cloud server, crash recovery, creating back-up image, etc.


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