STS stands for Suffix Tree Searcher and is one of the programs on the VBRC website. It was developed fairly recently and a paper was submitted but some delays were involved in it getting reviewed and critiqued so by the time we got it back to edit, the main developer was gone. Upton gave me the reviewer’s suggested revisions I’ve gone through most of the edits and addressed them or made comments on them. Now it’s just waiting for Dr. Upton to read through what I wrote and edit it himself. He’ll also need to contact the original developer (Mike) or get a new CS computer science coop student to look at addressing some of the revisions. At some point Upton may get you to change some of my edits or look into adding something to the paper, but he also might not so I just put this up just in case.

For how to use STS, see help docs and also the “Comments on Using STS” in the Co-op student notes section in the SOPs wiki.


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